RV roof repair isn’t always something we think about preventing, often because we aren’t always visually inspecting our RV roof. We always recommend our fellow freedom lover regularly inspect their RV roof to prevent possible water damage.

Nothing can affect the value of your RV faster than roof damage. It’s often difficult to tell if any damage has occurred, but when in doubt, your best bet is to do a visual inspection. Ignoring your roof could lead to more damage that could be minimized with RV roof repair service before your problem becomes bigger.

Whether your RV roof is constructed of fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl, Caney Valley RV Repair can repair your RV roof and save you a trip to the shop with our mobile RV repair service. We’ll come to you to complete the necessary repairs.

We recommend cleaning your RV at least four times per year. By regularly inspecting your RF roof you can prevent serious and costly damage.

RV Awning repairs are another specialty here at Caney Valley RV Repair. We understand that a damaged awning can make your camping experience extremely uncomfortable and keep you from having a nice shaded area for enjoying the outdoors.

Contact us today if you need assistance with either RV roof or awning repairs.


Before attempting any RV roof repairs or inspection, please ensure that your roof can handle your body weight. All RV roofs are not created equal and you could accidentally cause more damage by attempting to crawl on your RV’s roof.

Avoid These Cleaners:

We highly recommend avoiding the use of cleaners that contain petroleum solvents or any citrus ingredients on a rubber or vinyl roof. These types of cleaners can eat away at the aforementioned roofing materials, which in turn can cause more roof leaks and extensive exposure.

Keep in mind that if water leaks into a crack or into a seam of your RV roof and then freezes that it will expand and can cause even more damage to your RV’s roof.


Always Start With A Clean Roof

The first step in any RV roof repair process is going to be to clean your RV’s roof. We recommend cleaning it with pressurized water to remove any dirt or debris particles.  If you contact us, our team will wait for the roof to dry before beginning external repairs.

Regardless of how much damage you think your RV roof may have, we can fix it.




Get the best mobile RV repair service available in Oklahoma to come to you.


Get the best mobile RV repair service available in Oklahoma to come to you.



One of the first steps our team at Caney Valley RV repair will always take will be to check and make sure we use a sealer that is specifically compatible with your RV’s roof.


Eternabond RV roof leak sealer tape is extremely sticky and about 4 inches wide.  Eternabond comes on a rolls of several feet. And while we know that your local hardware store salesperson may recommend Eternabond, it is not always the best solution for an RV roof repair job.

The problem with products like Eternabond is usually one of timing.  If you already have water trapped within your roof, the tape sealer will lock it in and not give it access to air that it will need in order to evaporate. Thus water may not be able to leak into your roof, but the water that has leaked into your roof also can’t get out.

These types of patch tapes are really only a temporary solution until you can have one of our certified technicians get to you and work on your RV roof.


EPDM, Dicor Coating For Rubber Roofs

EPDM is a type of roofing membrane for rubber roofs.

Rubber RV roofs typically last longer than any other type of material, but they will need to be maintained. You only need to use soap and water for cleaning a rubber roof. You can cause significant damage if you use a petroleum based cleaning product on a rubber roof.

Products like EPDM provide a chalky layer of protection for your rubber roof and extend the life of the rubber roof.

If you have a leak in this type of RV roof, our team will make sure that we properly remove any moisture, seal the right areas and help you extend the life of your roof.

RV Metal Roof Sealers

 If you have an RV with a metal RV our team can easily re-seal your roof with high quality roof coatings such as Kool Seal.  We have extensive experience with all types of RV roofs and can ensure that your metal roof is properly sealed to extend the life of your roof.

RV Fiberglass Roof Sealant

Similar to RVs with a rubber roof, if your RV has a fiberglass roof, over time, it will oxidize. We typically see older model RVs with a fiberglass roof oxidize at a faster rate than newer models.  This is often due to an additional gelcoat that is added over top of the roof which provides that ultra-gloss look. 

Before we’ll do any kind of sealant work on your RV’s fiberglass roof we’ll be sure to thuroughly clean it with warm water before begining repairs.


 If you’ve searched the internet for “Easy” solutions for RV awning repairs you’ve probably read a few popular blog posts that provide some valid solutions, but beyond temporary fixes, actually repairing your RV awning can be a daunting task. 

If you’ve attempted to repair your RV awning but have been unable to restore it back to it’s original glory or functionality, we can help you. Our team has dealt with the most stubborn of RV awnings over the years and helped folks have great shade again so that they can enjoy every aspect of their RV. 

Contact us today for help with your RV awning repairs. 


Is RV roof maintenance essential?

Yes. Do not take regular roof maintenance for granted. 

While RV roofs are designed to have an extensive life span, by taking preventative steps and regularly cleaning your RV roof you can minimize damage to your RV’s roof. 

Can I use tape on my awning if the tear is longer than three feet?

Other than a temporary fix, we do not recommend using RV awning tape on a tear that is longer than 3 feet. 

Our team can help you either with an extended patch, or with an RV awning replacement. 


The more you know about your RV, the more money you can save when it comes to RV repairs. 

Check out the latest from our blog to learn more about preventative steps and do it your self repairs. 


The more you know about your RV, the more money you can save when it comes to RV repairs. 

Check out the latest from our blog to learn more about preventative steps and do it your self repairs. 


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