RV water heater repairs are one of the repairs that we do best here at Caney Valley RV Repair. Whether you’re here in Tulsa, or at a location anywhere in Northeastern Oklahoma, we can get to you and your RV quickly and help you get your water heater working again.

We’ve seen every type of symptom over the years when it comes to RV water heaters.  We’ve also handles every make and model of RV water heaters including brands like Atwood and Suburban. 

When it comes to your RV water heater you do not want to take chances trying to do it yourself. We strongly recommend that you have one of our certified technicians come out to your RV for proper diagnosis and repairs. 

We’ve helped countless  RV owners over the years with every RV water heater problem you can think of. You can be sure that when you call us, you’ll get prompt and timely service that comes directly to your location.

Our team here at Caney Valley RV repair knows that hot water makes a huge difference when it comes to enjoying amenities in your RV. From toasty showers to hot water for making tea, we know that a great RV experience often includes dependable hot water.

We highly encourage folks to contact us or a professional instead of going at it yourself when it comes to RV water heater repairs.  We can save you time, headaches, and money.


My RV water heater is making a weird noise: If you’re hearing weird or new, unfmailiar noises from your RV water heater while it’s running you may have trouble. Sounds we often hear when there’s trouble are high pitched or whistle type sounds. This is a true warning sign.  Deal with your RV water heater before you head out on your next trip. These crazy sounds can indicate either cleaning and flushing being needed. These sounds could also indicate that your element needs to be replaced.

My RV water heater pilot light won’t start or stay on: You may think this one is obvious, but pilot light problems could indicate a few different issues.  These issues include but are not limited to your thermocouple, gas control magnet, a dirty orifice, a blocked U tube, incorrect gas pressure, improper air flow, or improper burner alignment. Sound like a lot of variables? Yeah it honestly is.  Please contact us and we can help you navigate every potential issue.

My RV gas burner won’t ignite: If your RV water heater gas burner isn’t igniting we’ll first take a look at your gas valve.  Many times a gas valve won’t open when there’s a lack of voltage for the electric spark.  We’ll also take a look at your circuit board, solenoid valve and more. Other connections that we’ll check for this type of issue include your burner’s orifice, your U tube, your gas control, flame spreader alignment and all electronic components.

Dripping  on your RV water heater relief valves: We see this one quite often. water dripping from the pressure and temperature relief valve. The relief valve is doing it’s job by releasing excess pressure from the water expansion, but our team here at Caney Valley RV repair will help bring your RV water heater back into balance by releasing excess water so that the leak stops, and creating an air pocket or installing an expansion tank if needed.

RV water heater rotten egg smell: If you can smell a sulfur type smell coming from your RV’s hot water faucet, you have what we like to call the rotten egg problem. The cause of this strong smell is often due to a chemical reaction between hydrogen and sulfur and bacteria that may have developed in your water heater. Our team is trained to deal with RV water heater repair situations just like this. Contact us right away and we’ll help you get rid of that smell and secure your hot water supply to ensure that your water heater functions properly and provides you with healthy, hot water. 


Get the best mobile RV repair service available in Oklahoma to come to you.


Get the best mobile RV repair service available in Oklahoma to come to you.


  • Cleaning your RV water heater tank with Vinegar: depending on the type of tank you have, you can have some success by cleaning your tank with vinegar. Vinegar can help remove calcium scale and mineral deposits both in your tank and on the anode rod. Cleaning with vinegar is a good routing maintenance task to perform, but it does not solve all problems.  If you’re experiencing any issues with your RV water heater, please contact us for help. 


  • If you are experiencing sooting:  Soot is a type of black carbon that is the result of your burner running. The burner for your RV water heater fires each time you use your water heater. The first thing to check here is going to be your gas supply. Being close to empty may be causing this problem. You can always inspect your burner alignment, air valve, and flame spreader for looseness or debris and corrosion. 



What is the RV water heater bypass?

An RV water heater bypass is the middle pipe between the hot water and cold water lines that connects them. The RV water heater bypass valve prevents anti-freeze from going into the water heater. In some cases, if anti-freeze has entered the water heater it will need to be flushed out. 

Do RV water heaters run on electricity?

RV water heaters can either run solely on propane, or on a combination or propane and electricity.  The majority of RVs on the road today use a water heater with pilot light, however some newer model RV water heaters may have a direct spark iginition. 

Do all rv water heaters have an anode rod?

Anode rods are recomented for porcelain lined steel tanks such as those found in a Suburban RV water heater. RV water heaters with an aluminum tank do not require an anode rod. 

An anode rod is a steel core wire surrounded with one of three specific metals: aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. This rod prevents your water heater from rusting and corrosion.


The more you know about your RV, the more money you can save when it comes to RV repairs. 

Check out the latest from our blog to learn more about preventative steps and do it your self repairs. 


The more you know about your RV, the more money you can save when it comes to RV repairs. 

Check out the latest from our blog to learn more about preventative steps and do it your self repairs. 


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